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Side Effect: The Drinking Game E-mail
  • Needed Materials: This game requires specially designed custom playing cards which can be found here . (Cheap as UNO cards, $8.99)
  • Drunk level: every game is different but I would say anywhere between "Buzzed" and "Hammered" depending on how long the game goes for and how it's played.
  • Where I learned it?: I invented it.  It has become pretty popular at my university since.
  • Players: 2-10


Side Effect: The Drinking GameTM is a card-based drinking game designed to compliment a night of drinking while at the same time providing hours of drunken fun for the whole crew!

It builds upon the best ideas from traditional drinking card games, and puts an exciting spin on things to ensure maximum drunkenness by the end of the night!

The game is simple... just deal out the cards and you're ready to play! Make plays to get rid of your cards while at the same time use side-effects to disrupt your opponents and make them drink! The first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner!

Whether you're at a college party, kicking it back at the dorms, or just in between beer pong games, Side Effect: The Drinking GameTM  is for you!

  • Suits 2-10 players.
  • Ages 21 and up.
  • Drink responsibly, alcohol not included.

Forrules and information:


Circle of Death (Again) E-mail

Not to sure where I learned this games, we've been playing it for years. Depending on what you are drinking and how much you drink you can get pretty drunk or you can just take little sips and you'll just get a little buzzed.

This game can be played with 3 people but it's more fun when you have 4 to 6 people. Anything more than 8 or 9 people gets to be a little ridiculous and people stop paying attention and the game dies. So if you plan on having a lot of people playing make sure everyone really wants to play.


Pizza Slut E-mail

Pizza slut is a drinking game invented in 2010 at the Paul Sabatier UniversityToulouse following a road trip to Paris and Amsterdam. The name of the game is based on a novelty t-shirt that is available at many shops in Amsterdam. The inventor of the game is Shayon "AYO" King, a student at the university.

 Drunk Level: Shit Faced 

Death Fire E-mail
ImageThis is a different kind of circle of death/ ring of fire.
Five-Card Yak E-mail

Five-Card Yak is a drinking game that is best played by three to five players, although as many as ten can play. All that's needed is a regular pack of 52 cards and a little creativity.

Skillful play allows one to avoid taking drinks, and exceptional play is rewarded by granting the privilege of adding a new rule to the game.

This game was created at the University of Virginia, and has a "drunk level" somewhere between "drunk" and "shit faced," depending on the aggressiveness of the players.

Speed Bump E-mail

You start with a deck of cards no jokers. 2 Players

place cards in a row int his order 3 face up 1 face down and 3 more up.


The King is Speedballing E-mail
The King is Speedballing
(Reference to Elvis)

2+ Players

Each player is dealt 4 cards. Each player may view this cards but never show their cards to other players. Once

all cards are dealt dealer then lays out 4 cards. Starting left of the dealer is the first player, if that player contains a card that can go Higher or Lower then a card layed on the table then they place that card down on top of the card it is going Higher or Lower off of. If the player does not have a card that can be played then player must draw from the deck, if card can be immediatly played upon the draw they may do so. Rinse and Repeat until all but 1 player has played all their cards in their hand. The remaining players must then drink the face value of the cards in their hand. If the King is your last card it serves no value.

For parties of 4 or more You can assign rankings (ie: President, Vice President, Treasury, Secretary)
Spankin Aces E-mail


To play this game, you need a deck of cards 13 solo cups and 8 beers.

 I invented this game one day over my friend Buddy's house, it will get you drunk if you play it continuously!

This is a good game to pre-game with because it gets you buzzed quickly or it is a good game to get everyone shit-faced if you play it over and over again.

There is no real skill invovled in playing this game, its all about luck of the draw, sometimes you win sometimes you get screwed!

Bread E-mail

The simplest and greatest card drinking game ever created. Ideal for pre-taxi carnage, this was founded in the French Alps in February 2007 and has been a popular hit before nights out and at house parties around the world.

If you have been fortunate enough to get smashed playing this gem, Spread the Bread and one day this will become an international favourite.

If you haven't shared, shame on you...

If you haven't played, it's simple...

Circle of Death Pro Version E-mail
ace: everyone drinks

2: is you, you pick someone to drink

3:is me, you drink

4:floor,last person to tuch the floor/table drinks

5: is guys, guys drink

6: chicks, the chicks drink

7:hevan, last person to put hand in the air drinks

8: is date, you and someone of your own pick has to drink

9: rhyme: you go to the left and say a word and then if someone doesent rhyme they drink

10: never have i ever

jack: is back,the last person to drink has to drink yet again

queen: is questions, you ask a ??? and then it goes to the left and you keep asking and the person who doesent ask a new ??? or anwsers has to drink

king: is rule, you make a rule and everyone has to do what ever the rule is [ex] the rule no farting if someone farts then they drink

so party party party lets all get wastedMoney mouth

Connection E-mail

This game is designed to get people to drink very quickly. If you can't drink alot at once, you're in for a bumpy ride. 

 The game is very simple.

The dealer gives everyone a card face up.

If anyone has a connection (suite or value) they have to take that many drinks.

You then give a card to the person to the left of you, and only that person can have a connection with someone else.

Then to the next peoson ect.

The game ends when all the cards are gone.

2-10= face value






Kings with a twist E-mail
Kings with a twist


1-Social (everyone drinks) 2-Chicks drink
3-Guys drink

4-You (person who picks the card points to a drinker)

5-Me (person who drew the card, drinks)

6-Date (pick a person who will have to drink every time you drink)

7-Bust a rhyme (start a rhyme, and go around in the circle...the one who messes up has to drink and loose an article of clothes...tip use words like "orange" & "purple.")

8-waterfall (everyone stands up...& all at once start drinking...you're not allowed to stop your chug until the person clockwise from you has...dealer is allowed to stop first!)

9-heaven (all must raise hands...last person to do so, drinks)

10-hell (all must touch the floor...last person to do so, drinks)

Jack-pick a person (opposite sex and not your partner if playing with partners and one that you hope won’t make you do something embarrassing) and go into a room and do what they tell you to do.
 Queen-person that draws a queen must pass it to a woman and take a drink. The woman that receives this card either gets to make all the guys do something or choose to have the entire woman have one guy do something. (example: have all men sit naked till a face card (10-Ace) is drawn or each woman make a guy take an article of clothes off or anything dangerous and exciting either in a separate room or where everyone sits.)
King-person who draws a king must make a rule that everyone needs to abide by for the rest of the game...rules are dangerous but exciting! (examples: anytime a person says the word "drink" they must remove an article of clothing...the options are endless!)

Ace-take a drink and sit naked for a round

Joker- Jokes on you (thank god there is only two) sit naked for the whole game and drink when someone else has to drink.

Karma in Albuquerque E-mail
One standard playing card deck with jokers

Four or more players suggested

Drunk Level - Getting Started, Buzzed, Drunk, Hammered,Shit FacedEmbarassed

(Due to multiple double and triple penalties)

Similar to circle of death with an optional Go Fish style of drawing and some revised card meaning.

Each player draws a card and without looking places it on his/her forehead facing opponents. This card is called your blind (or blind eye). You may at one time  during the game after drawing decide to trade your blind; once you've seen your blind your trade is official, and the original draw goes back into the pond. Be sure to always replace blind for purposes of bad liar card.

once the deck has depleted the game is over (suggested repeat)

All card explanations below list.


JOKER1-Get out of jail

JOKER2-Left turn to Albuquerque

K -Thumb Master

Q -Bitches drink 

J -Bastards drink

10-Never have I ever

9 -Waterfall

8 -Crazy 8's 

7 -Busta Rhymes

6 -Category

5 -Karma

4 -Bad Liar

3 -Triples

2 -Mate

A -Solo-runner


Joker1- Until your next draw all your drinks are VOID

Joker2- Must share all penalties with each player until your next draw (suggested exclusions: K-8) 

K -Whomever draws this card will become thumbmaster (replacing an existing one if necessary) and whenever you place your thumb on the playing table all other players must do so as well. The last player to do so drinks.

Q -All girls drink.

J -All boys drink.

10-Whomever draws this card you must tell truthfully something you have never done and all players who have done it must drink 

9 -Whomever drew this card (upon all players presence) will start drinking followed by all others, he/she may stop at any time , all other players may only stop after the person to there right has done so.

8 -Whomever draws this card will create a new rule. That if broken by any player that player will take one drink              (rule guidelines)                         no targeting specific players / the drink penalty is always one / the majority  of players must agree on rules / and a second draw of this card creates a second rule but dose not replace the first , leaving a possability of 4 floating rule.

7 -Whomever draws this card says a word and the player to the right of him/her must repeat and rhyme that word and the player to the right of that player must say all said words and add another rhyme word the first player to mess up drinks.

6 -Whomever draws this card creates a category in witch all players must say an example from that category without repeating an example. This continues to the right until someone hesitates and then they must drink.

5 -Whomever draws this card makes the player who was responsible for his/her last drink now drink three times.

4 -Whomever draws this card chooses a player and tells that player either the truth of what his/her blind is or lies, the informed player guess weather it was a lie or truth if guessed wrong he must drink twice if guessed right the drawing member drinks

3 -Whomever draws this card drinks three times.

2 -Whomever draws this card drinks and chooses another player to drink as well

A -Whomever draws this card drinks once and is now deemed the beer bitch until another A is drawn to replace him/her . the beer bitch must retrieve all beer for everyone  


Circle of Death (Finland) E-mail

This is a game most fun, expecially with the best friends or random people. Reading the full rules might seem daunting but is surely worth it! Try it out, works best with about six or eight players and two decks. Its a shitfaced game surely. Have fun!!

Place a large jar in the middle of the table and spread the dark deck around it in a circle.
More different drinks and more kings the more disgusting the central jug will get, and more excitement!! No one is allowed to leave the table before the game is finished. The punishment for failing in any part of the game is 5 sups (or anything else you want)
Everyone picks a card in turn does action that is determined by the following rules:

Ace: Rule card. The person picking up the card must invent a new rule to the game.
For example: anyone saying a number must drink the amount the number that is said,
or everybody must drink with their wrong hand (right handed with left hand and lefties with the right hand),
or everybody must say an aphorism before drinking.
BUT! the rule is not allowed to discrimnate anybody and rules stack.

blacks 2 - 6: you drink the amount of sups the number tells you to

reds 2 - 6: you pick someone to drink the amount of sups the number tells to

7: You start a game of numbers. The first one starts by saying "one" the next one says "two" and so one. When it gets to person who should say a number including the number seven or a number that is divisible with the number seven, you should clap your hands and the direction is changed. The one who messes up the numbers or clapping fails(, and drinks the punishmet).

8: Category, you pick a category and everybody says a piece of that category in turn. If someone does not come up with nothing it's fail.

9: Thumb. This card can be saved and used at any time wanted. When the card is eventually used, everybody must put their thumbs on the table and the last one doing this fails.

10: Waterfall. The legendary Waterfall, starting with the player picking up the cards.

Jack: Pee, this card allows the person to take a leak, or a cigarette, or any break wanted.

Queen: Story, a story is generated by this card. The one picking up the card starts with a word, for example "once". The next one says all the words have said and adds a word "once in" and so on it goes "once in a", "once in a lifetime". The one who forgets the words before fails.

King: The person picking up the card pours an indefinate amount of his/her drink to the jar in the middle. The person picking up the last king must drink everything in the jar and the game ends and starts again.

Optional!!! TWO decks of cards, or more. The more the better. The thumb card can be replaced by a question card. Otherwise the same but you answer a question from someone, he/she got to answer like: Fuck you! or something like that. But not the right answer, otherwise drinkdrink! Best is to ask the question when the target is taking a pee or when least expecting. If he/she answers the question, fail.

Thumb Mater E-mail

Draw card.  The highset card goes first and from then on clock wise. Shuffel card and spread card all over table or in a big circle. at ramdom on your turn pick one card.

Ace - 3 Black : you give out to that many drinks whatever number is on the card (ace-1)

Ace-3 Red: you give out that many drinks whatever nuber is on the card (ace=1)

4 is for whore: All the girls take a drink.

5 high Five: everyone put their hand in the middle last person to do so drinks. OR you can make a little man rule: this mean before you drink you have to take a little invisable mann off youglass and then after your done put him bak on Failer to do so on either cas you have to drink again

6 is for Dicks: all guys drink

7 ahead: the person that goes next drinks

8 stright: the person right in front of you drinks

9 behind: the person that went before you drinks.

10 Thumb Master: this person is the thumb master till some one else draw another ten. He or she secretly put there thumb on the table and the last person to put their thumb on the table has to drin.

Jacks Catagories: pick a catagorie like shoes snd each person must name a brand of shoes the person that can not drinks.

Quenns Questions: every person has to talk only in question if any one says something that is not  a question they drink.

King Ryme: some one will start off with one word and everyone will ryme that word untill you can no longer do so the one that messes up drnks.


you play till there are no more cards left

Patio caps E-mail


You need a patio table with a hole in the center for an umbrella. Take the umbrella out. You need beer bottle caps. you need a deck of cards with jokers included and most importantly you need alcohol. players get 3 caps to bounce.game continues until someone wins by at least 2 points.game is played to 6 points must win by 2 always finish throwing all of your caps(you can win by up to 14 points). bounce your cap into the hole or on the outside ring of the hole. In the hole you get 3 points,on the ring is 2 points.(HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS). you must draw a card for every point you lose by. You add up the numbers on your cards, Jacks are 11 points, queens are 12, kings are 13 and aces are 14. if you pull a joker you must draw another card and the number on that card is doubled. you must then drink for the number that u end up with in seconds. So if I lose by 2 points i pull 2 cards. for example if I draw a 9 and a jack then i must drink for 20 seconds. Now here is where it gets interesting. For All penalty's you must draw an extra card and drink double for every penalty card. Penalty's include, No alcohol abuse, no throwing up, no cheating, no reminders, you cant be responsible for any caps or anything else that might be on the table landing off of the table, no foaming out of the mouth due to way too much beer intake(IT HAPPENS TO ME ALLOT), No bathroom breaks, if you get shut out then its a penalty, the drink must not leave your lips only for a brief second to change drinks,if you cannot keep drinking then you must pull a penalty card and start your drinking over. at the start of the game players draw a card to determine who picks what order they would like to go, everyone must then drink for there cards. After that the winner decides the order in which people play. Best out of three, three rounds ends the series then you start over. The record amount of seconds someone has had to drink so far in patio caps is over 200 seconds. That was Andrew Murphy the other co creator of Patio caps. Any questions or comments please contact me on myspace or contact Andrew Murphy on his myspace which is http://www.myspace.com/agem26 . Enjoy and please don't kill yourself while playing our game. Oh yeah, Beer is the recommended alcohol for this game. If you choose to play with liquor then edit the rules so you wont die. Enjoy!!!!! Feedback is appreciated. .. .. .. .. .

Butternut Squash E-mail

card game for 3- whatever

similar  to slap jack, where players give out drinks for winning the cards

a fast game similar to slap jack

all players, other than the dealer, start with one hand palm down on table

gameplay starts by dealer flipping one card at a time

if a jack shows : all players slap the jack : first player to slap the jack gives out an amount of drinks designated by the players

if a Queenn shows : all players throw a paper/rock/scissors sign : winner gives out an amount o fdrinks designated by the players

If a 2 shows : all players knockon the table twice then point to the dealer, includingthe dealer : winner gives out an amount o fdrinks designated by the players

In any case of a tie  draw from discard deck, high card wins

Winner of every hand starts next deal 


Race to 99 (Alternative Version) E-mail
This is a version of "Race To 99" with some new rules. I find the game a bit more involving now and gets you a little drunker than before. after all that's why you here right? The object of the game is to play cards into a pile and have the value of the pile equal 99. You start off by dealing four cards to each player, and then turn the top card over. Play goes around the circle with each person playing a card, mentally keeping track of total value of the pile. Special cards: ¨ King - Kept to avoid drinking or place drinking responsibilities on someone else. Usually used near end of game. ¨ Queen – increases the pile number by 12. ¨ Jack – increases the pile number by 11. ¨ Tens - When in the 90's, this drops the value of pile by 10, otherwise its a regular card. ¨ Six – when playing with more than 3 people person to the right has to drink. ¨ Five – When playing with more than 3 people the person to the left has to drink. ¨ Four - used as a skip card when you have none to play. ¨ Ace – increases the pile number by 1. IF you through the same card as previous player you have to drink. When total of pile is above 90 whatever card thrown exceeds 99 then that number is subtracted to instead of added. Person throwing card has to drink. If you throw a face card you must drink Socials occur whenever the total equals a number ending in 9. Special socials on 69 and 71. On special you must drink twice. Whoever makes 99 picks a person to drink. After you play a card, draw another from the stack. When out of cards, reshuffle those already played.
Circle of Death (Alternative Version) E-mail

Circle of Death!

Needed Tools: Deck of cards, 4-8 players

Drunk Level: Hammered


Players sit in a circle at a table. Shuffle cards and spread them out in a circle in the middle of the table. Place a beer in the center of the circle. Each player takes turns picking a card out of the circle. Each card has a different 'game.' 

2) 2's for you. Player who picked the card points at another player and tells them to drink.

3) 3's for me. Player who picked the card must drink.

4) 4's for whores. All females at the table drink.

5) Never have I ever. Players place three fingers on the table. Player who picked the card starts out by saying "Never have I ever...(insert task)" Any player who has done it must put one finger down. The next player continues the play, with another "Never have I ever..." Play ends when one player has all three fingers off the table and must drink.  Example: been to Canada, had a threesome, etc.

6) 6's for dick. All males at the table drink.

7) 7 heaven. All players must put their hands in the air. Last player to throw their arm up losses and must drink.

8) Rule. Player who picked the card must make up a rule for the remainder of the game. Example: "No one can go to the bathroom, Have to keep your hand on your drink, Must clap your hands before you drink."  Any player to break the rule must drink. Previous rules can be cancelled out when another player gets an 8.

9) 9's Rhyme. Player who picked the card starts out with a word and the next player must rhyme it, until a player can't think of another rhyme and has to drink. Example: "Rat, cat, hat, bat, etc.."

10) Social. Everybody at the table drinks. Player who picked the card drinks twice.

Jack) Statement. Player who picks the card starts off a statement with one word. Next player must continue the statement, repeating the first word. First player to break the statement, forget the statement, or hesitate drinks. Example: "I, I had, I had a, I had a big, I had a big glass..."

Queen) Question. Player who picked the card starts off with a question directed to another player. The player must respond only in question form, but can direct their question to any other player. First player to hesitate, repeat a question, or respond in a statement must drink.

King) Category. Player who picked the card starts off by naming a category(car brands, make up brands, bands, etc.). Next player must continue by naming something in the category until one player hesitates and must drink.

Ace) Waterfall. All players start to drink at the same time. The player who picked the card is the only person allowed to stop drinking. Once this player stops, the player to his/her right can stop. All players must keep drinking until the player on their left has stopped.  


If at any point the circle of cards is broken with a space between two cards, the player who breaks it must chug the beer in the middle of the circle! 

Play continues until the deck is finished or everyone is too drunk to function. :)  

Circle of Death E-mail

This game is played similar to many ring games but i find this to be a fun game with hilarious effects after a couple of drinks have gone down the hatch. Also make sure you play with a standard 52 card deck of playing cards.

This game gets you pretty shitfaced if you drink right!!!!!!!!!! 

 Circle of death

2= You: You pick someone to drink
3= Me: You drink
4= Whores: Girls drink
5= Thumb Power: At any time player who drew card may put thumb on table, last person to do so drinks (player can do this at any time - this card stays in effect until someone else draws a 5 then the player who had the 5 originally no longer retains thumb power)
6= Dicks: Guys drink
7= Heaven Power: This card is similar to thumb power except you use your finger instead and point to heaven

8= Mate: Pick someone to drink with you
9= Bust a Rhyme: This can be tricky for beginners, player who drew card must say a word then it goes in a circle rhyming until someone doesn't say anything or doesn't rhyme the word
10= Spin: Spin an object the person it lands on has to drink
Jack= Rule Card: Player who drew jack makes a rule that stays in effect for remainder of game, unless canceled by another jack (ex. Jill has to drink 2 beers every time someone says hi)
Queen= Question: This is tough until you learn the rules, player who drew queen must ask a question to someone, in turn this person must not answer but ask someone else a question. this process is repeated until someone answers a question or doesn't say anything. If you mess up you drink
King= Never Have I Ever: Player who drew king must say something they have never done,
if anyone in the group has done that thing they must drink
Ace= Waterfall: The player who drew ace must start drinking then in a circle like fashion everyone follows but the person to the left or right( however your circle is going) cant stop drinking till the person before them is done
Joker= Go wild, everyone can do whatever they please ( ex. make someone drink, drink yourself, make a rule

 Submitted by: Ryan Wilson

Spoons E-mail

Fun way to get hammered..

Supplies: Alcohol, 4 players or more, 1 less spoon than amount of players, and a deck of cards

Deal 4 cards to each player. The dealer holds remaing cards. Flip over the top card if he doesn't need it he can pass it to the left or keep it and pass another card from his hand. You continue this routine until someone hase 4 of the same cards (example 4 kings, or 4 2's).. Without saying a word the person who has the 4 of a kind grabs a spoon and everyone should follow their lead, the only person to not have a spoon has to drink as much as the winner says.

Submitted by Heather Brooks

Seconds E-mail

Seconds (named for the amount of seconds a person has to drink for in a given turn) is a card game. It uses a standard deck of playing cards.  The play goes around the table with each player taking turns being either the "dealer" or the "drinker", with the former drawing the card that tells the latter how long to drink for.  The drinker gets the chance to "challenge" the dealer which may lead to the opposite player doing the drinking.

1 Deck of Cards
2 or more people
Alcohol (most likely beer)

The game was invented in Hopewell Valley, New Jersey in 2008 by college students Jon Bershad (me), Zach Nichols, and Takis Tzetzos while home on winter break from school.  At a party, the three just started flipping cards and making the others drink based on the card's number.  Eventually they began adding rules until Seconds was born.

Drunk Level:
Chances are the players will get pretty hammered, as the game consists mostly of just chugging for large amounts of time.

Official Rules:
The players sit in a circle with the shuffled deck of cards in the middle. Play goes around counter-clockwise with one person being the "dealer", and the person to his right being the "drinker".
The dealer picks a card. The drinker has to then drink for as many seconds (hence the name) as the number on the card. If the card is a face card, you just give it the corresponding number as its place in the deck (ie. Jack is 11 seconds, Queen is 12, King is 13, and Ace is 14).
Before the drinker drinks, however, he has a choice. He can take the number of that card, or he can challenge the dealer. If he challenges, the dealer draws another card.

*If the card is higher than the first card, the dealer has to drink the number on the higher card and the drinker doesn't have to drink anything.
*If, however, the second card is lower than the first, the drinker gets punished for challenging and getting it wrong and has to drink the combination of the two cards.
*On the rare instances that the drinker challenges and the second card is the same as the first, both the drinker and the dealer have to drink the combination of the two.

Once the seconds have been dealt out, the drinker becomes the new dealer and the person to his right becomes the new drinker and so on, around in a circle until you are out of cards or drink.

Optional Rule:
The game is occasionally played with the rule that if, at any time, the dealer draws a suicide king card (one of the two kings that appear to be stabbing themselves in the head), the drinker has to finish whatever drink they have in front of them.

Palm Tree E-mail

Take one can of beer and put in the middle of the table.

Spread the cards in a cirlce around the can

 the first person takes one card from the circle

the second person also takes one card from the circle

the person who has the lower of the 2 cards drinks the difference

then the first person puts their card on top of the can with a minimum of 2 corners off the edge

keep going around until the cards or gone

whoever knocks the fan off the can has to shotgun the can 


Short Bus E-mail

Level of Drunkness:Hammered

Supplies: beer, players, and a deck of cards

First start out by dealing 3 rows of cards onto the table. The first row contains 5 cards, the second has 4 and the third has 5. Then deal each player 5 cards

Start off by flipping over the cards in the rows one by one. Players hand out drink by matching the cards in their hand to the cards in the rows. Whatever the card value is thats how many drinks you hand out. Ten is ten, Jack is elleven and so on. After all cards in the rows are flipped over players then total the amounts of the cards remaining in their hand. Whoever has the highest amount then rides the bus.

Riding the bus: The player(players) rides the bus by drinking the card that is flipped out of the deck. The person who is counting counts by laying down the amount of cards that the card flipped equals. Do this throughout entire deck. Person riding bus should finish atleast one beer.

Submitted by: Kayla Wengert & Jason Leach

Captain Dickhead E-mail

To begin, you need a deck of playing cards, place the cards spread out in a cicle, but keep them touching, DON'T BREAK THE CIRCLE or you must drink. The first person picks a card, if it's red (up to 10) you have to drink that amount, if it's black (up to 10) you can give those away to anyone you like, if it's a Jack then you say a word, then everyone has to rhyme until someone screws up or repeats, then they have to drink, if it's a Queen then you can hold onto it until someone else draws a Queen and you may ask ANY question (even if it's in random conversation) if they answer, they must drink, if it's a King then you are Captain Dickhead and get to tell anyone to drink as often as you like, finally, if it's an Ace, you make up a rule that people have to do to do before you drink, if you don't say/do it, then they must begin their drinks all over. When the circle of cards is gone, the game is over and you'll definitely have a buzz going on.

Submitted by: Rachel Gordon

The Gauntlet E-mail

This game is like a mixture of a few, but a few games of this and you are ready to hit the bar.

you will need to sit around a table with about 3 to 6 people.  You pick on person to deal but this person can also play.  The dealer asks the the players red or black the first round.  If they guess it right they pass out 2 drinks, if they dont they drink 2. Then with the first card sitting in front of them, u ask them higher or lower.  This is worth 4 drinks.  They should have 2 cards in front of them now and you ask them in between or outside, this is worth six drinks.  The last round is  pick a suit, its worth 8 drinks.  After u complete this you can then decide who goes into the gauntlet.

You decided who goes into the gauntlet by having the players keep their cards in front of them.  You then make 2 rows of 5 cards, the left side is give and the right side is take.  Start at the bottom cards and go up alternating between give and take.  If you have a card on the give side actually give another player that card and they have to drink either 1-5 drinks depending on what row it is on.  The person with the most cards at the end of this will be sent into the gauntlet.

Finally the gauntlet.  The gauntlet will mess you up.  U always put an Ace at the top and then put 12 more cards face down in a row. So a total of 13 cards.  An Ace is worth 4 drinks plus 4 more cards in the row, K is 3 drinks plus 3 cards, Q 2 drinks 2 cards, J 1 drink 1 cards, all other cards are no good.  You make it through the gauntlet once all the cards are gone.  Now if u run outta cards in the deck and the player still has drinks, Then u  repeat the gauntlet again.

Hope u guys enjoy this game.

 Posted by: Andy Saccaro

Strip Poker (Texas Hold-Em) Drinking Game E-mail
Game Name: Texas Hold-Em (Strip Poker) Drinking Game
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards and Hot Girls
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed, Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced
Texas Hold-Em with clothes and alcohol as the betting tools.

Minimum of 4 players (preferably girl to guy ratio is greater) Maximum articles of clothes = 6 Each article represents 1 1st round and how to bet:

The game starts when everyone has alcohol in front of them and clothes on their body.  The rounds consist of making the blinds which are taking a shot.  If you are familiar with Texas Hold-Em then only the big blind will be used with the first person to the left of the dealer.  Once the shot is taken then the next person in line takes the shot to remain in the hand then makes the first action bet, or check.  This continues around the table until the last initial bet or raise has been called.  The blind was a shot and the betting takes place with articles of clothing.  (example: take the shot, then bet 1 article, the person to the left of you if intends to play the hand for that round takes the shot then calls the article of clothing.) After the first round of betting and everyone has taken the shot who intends to remain in the hand the articles of clothing that were wagered go into the pot in the middle of the table.

2nd round through final round:

The first person to act makes the first action check or bet, followed by the person to his/her left to call the bet or raise the bet. This continues until the river card is displayed and the final bet has been called. At this point all players who have wagered clothing place them into the pot (at this point each player could be nude)  The hand is won with the best hand and the person or persons without clothing can continue to play.

If someone is sitting completely nude after losing the previous hand they can continue to play.  If they choose to leave the table they must stand in their spot during the duration of the next hand.  (look to the cover up rules towards the bottom of the page) This is done to show whoever loses needs to practice (plus its all in good fun and there is no need to be shy). Once the hand is done and they still do not want to play they can put their clothes back on. If you lost your clothes to someone who is still in the game and they are wagering them you can ask for them back. This is considered buying back your clothes  They have the right to make you do something probably really funny or possibly gross involving other players (try to keep it friendly) if you choose to accept the action then you may have your clothes back and the person who gave you your clothes back now does not have that in his/her arsenal (this could make the game now harder for them to win)

If they continue to play to win the clothes back this is done by calling articles of clothing that were wagered with an object or action to make the call known (simply a shot or a drink of beer per article, if they choose the action these must be kept in case they lose the hand AGAIN.  There is no limit to the actions that can be bet or raised beyond the clothing amounts.  (example: run around nude outside, in the apartment/house, or some sort of physical exertion standing at the table.

While playing the game articles of clothing consist of socks, pants, shirts, hats, and undergarmets  no more than 6 articles.  Jewelery does not count, hair bows or bands do not count, there will be no articles worn at the table other than the 6 articles approved.  During the hands there will be no foreign objects worn to cover (example; wagered articles, pillows, and HANDS)  If you are sitting at the table to play then there should be no reason to be shy. This includes the person or person who lost and are standing at the table (CANNOT COVER UP)

Submitted by: Doug Cummings

Bonzi - Drinking Game E-mail

Put the cards in a circle so that the middle is open. Draw one card at time going clockwise. After you draw the card put it in the middle of the circle and then it is the next persons turn.

Tools Needed for game:
- A deck of cards
- 2- 10 people that want to get drunk
- Good amount of Beer depending on how many people are playing

Drunk Level : Pretty Drunk almost hammered

Ace - Avalache (the person who drew the card starts drinking then the person next to them starts so on and so on when the 1st person stops the next stops and so on)

2 - Rule (Make a rule and when someone breaks the rule they drink)
(A good one is can't say the 3 D's drink drank and drunk)

3-Social (Everybody drinks)

4-Rhythm (Pick a word and everyone has to rhythm with it whoever cant drinks)

5-Category (Pick a category ex. Cigerettes you say Newport, and next person says Marborlo and whoever cant think of one drinks)

6- I never or sentence (Do an I never say something you think other people have done that you haven't and who has, has to drink)Sentence you start with a word then the next person adds one so on and so on ex. peter (next person) peter did (next person) peter did die whoever messes it up first drinks)

7-President (you can make anyone drink whenever you want however many you want your the president of this game for now until someone else gets another 7 then you have become impeached)

8-To the left (Left of you drinks)

9-To the Right (Right of you drinks)

10-Bonzi (who ever is the last to say it drinks)

J-Jackoff (who ever is the last to say it drinks)

Q-Salute the Queen (whoever is the last to say it drinks)

K-F*ck the King (whoever is the last to say it drinks)

Submitted by: Karla

Six Gun E-mail
me Name: Six Gun
Needed Tools: Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced  Cry

Ok this game is best played with whiskey vodka rum just anything hard... but you atleast need 6 shot glasses 3 just the one shot and then 3 that are double or triple shot glasses... I think it is best played with Some Jack Daniels, Jager Mister, Tiquila, Glenfiddish (12-30 year old bottle really ruff shit) Captian Morgan, Wild Turkey Burbon... but you need 6 differnt alcohols... players how ever many you want... You have one Person be the Dealer... and only that one person is the dealer... unless he/she wants to get drunk really quick... You set the 6 shot glasses up like the chamber of a revolver pistol, 3 one shot glasses in a tringle... and 3 double or triple shot glasses in a tringle so you have a complete circle of your different alcohols... Your cards cannot contain the 7 8 9 10 jack queen or king cards only ace-6 You shuffle your cards and lay 6 cards face down on the table... Who evers turn it is has to pick one card and one card only... If it reads Ace... thats one shot of any glass he/she wants if it reads 2 than you take 2 shots, 3 you take 3 shots, 4 you take 4 shots, 5 you take 5 shots and 6 you have the Six gun shot you have to drink all the shots on the table... Thats my game that i came up with at a lil party a few months ago... and so far its the most played game yet

It will fuck you up quick so you can get to bed quicker maybe even get you layed... but please drink responsibly and know your limit

Submitted by Nathan -The General of Drinking

Jail E-mail
Game Name: Jail
Needed Tools: Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

Ok.... You will deal one card per player on each turn. Start by dealing by dealing to the left player one card.  This is what you do when you get a card.  The weird twist on this game is that noone can go to the bathroom without a "pee" card listed below.

Ace-4  - Black Suit  Give that many drinks.

Ace-4  - Red Suit  Drink that many drinks.

5- Social

6- You are in jail.  You must drink each time any other player drinks.

7 - Get out of jail.  This card will get you out of jail.. If you are not in jail you must save it and it does carry throughout all of the games of jail.

8 - "Pee" card  - You need to have this card if you are to use the restroom.

9- Ryme - You need to start a ryme that will go around the table until someone skrews it up or can't think of a work that rymes with the one you mentioned.  Example: tool  (Answers: fool, mole, dual, school etc.)

10 - Do a shot...

Jack - Category - The player that gets this card must choose a category of something (Sneakers, Vodka, Sexual Poisitons etc....)  The first player not to answer must drink.

Queen - Question  The player that gets this card must ask another player a question.  The asked player must immediatley without hesitation ask another player a question.  The questions continue until someone answers the question or takes a pause win which they must drink.

King - Make a rule ... anything thumbmaster etc....

You continue playing this game as long as you want but the key is that the person in jail, the get out of jail cards, & the pee cards carry over from game to game.....

Have fun...

Crazy 8's E-mail
Game Name: Crazy 8's
Needed Tools: Cards
Learned: Michigan
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced Cry

Take the four 8's from a deck of cards and lay them out on a table, top to bottom. Deal the rest of the deck to the players sitting around the table.

Players must take turns laying down their cards, building from the eights in either direction (matching suites).

Any card may be played, however;

if a player cannot lay down a card that directly follows one already on the table, a 9 on a 8 for example, they must drink for the total number of cards from those in the suit on the table and those missing in between.

if a player lays down a card that does not skip any cards, the drinks (of their card's face number) are given out to the player(s) of their choice.

F*** the Dealer E-mail


Game Name: Fuck the Dealer
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: Unknown
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit FacedCry

The dealer holds the deck of cards and the other person has to guess what card (just the number) is on the top of the deck.

If the first guess is correct, the dealer has to drink for 10 seconds.

If the first guess is wrong, the dealer says either higher or lower and the player guesses again.

If the second guess is correct, the dealer has to drink for 5 seconds.

If the second guess is wrong, the player drinks for as many seconds as they were off from the actual number.

The dealer, then, puts the card face up on the table so everyone knows which cards have been used.

After 3 people in a row were not able to guess the card by their second guess, the dealer passes the cards to the next person

Pursuit E-mail

 Game Name: Pursuit

Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: Unknown
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

Group players in a circle. Put any question/answer type game in the center. The game begins by choosing one person as a "chaser" and another as the "runner". The chaser picks a question from the deck and reads it aloud. The runner decides whether to play or pass. If the runner passes then he must drink. Activity cards may make the game more interesting. If the runner answers the question correctly then the chaser has to perform the action on the card. If the runner gets answers wrong then he must do the action.

Obviously, it is possible to avoid a 50% possibility of performing an "activity" by simply continuing to pass... but this also means you drink *every* time. Eventually, you might decide to risk it.

Now if you are the chaser... you are more or less at the mercy of the runner.

Each turn is for only one question, and the runner and chaser position each rotates one person clockwise each turn. Everyone gets to play.

Circle Jerk E-mail
Game Name: Circle Jerk
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: Unknown
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

Set all the cards facedown in a circle. People playing pick up cards in turn.
1 is a thumb card; the person who picked it up can use it whenever h\she wants.
A thumb card is simply used when the person who picked it up puts their finger on the table whenever they choose to. The last person playing to put their finger down has to drink.
2-5 card allows the person who picked this card to hand out drinks to people playing.
6 is a f*** you card. Last person to say F*** you has to drink.
7 is a rule card; the person can make up any rule that they want.
8 is bathroom card. No one is allowed to go to bathroom without one.
9 is a You F*** card. Same as 6 card.
10 is a chug card. Person who picked it starts chugging, then person to left starts and so on. Once the person who started stops, the person beside them can stop whenever they want and so on.
Jack is a catagory card. Person who picked this card thinks of a catagory; can be
anything (condoms, computers, etc.). The person who can't name something from that catagory has to drink.
Queen is person to right drinks
King is person who pulls the last King has to finish their drink.

Water Fall E-mail
Game Name: Water Fall
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: Unknown
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,DrunkTongue out , Hammered, Shit Faced  

Ace - Waterfalls (The person who draws this card starts drinking; the person to the left then starts drinking; then the third and so on. Once the first person stops drinking, the second person can keep drinking or stop; the same with the third and so on)

2 - Take 2 (Person who draws this card must take 2 drinks)

3 - Take 3 (Person who draws this card may give out 3 drinks to whoever they want)

4 - Fours is for whores (All girls drink)

5 - To the right (Person to the right drinks)

6 - Six is for dicks (All guys drink)

7 - I Never (The person who draws this card will say something that they have never done; if anyone has done it, they must drink)

8 - Sentences (The person who draws this card says a word, then the person to the right says that word and adds another word, the next person repeats that and adds another word. This goes around the table forming a sentence until someone messes up - this person has to drink)

9 - Nines is rhyme (The person who draws this card will say a word, then the next person to the right has to say a word that rhymes with it. This continues around the table until someone messes up - this person has to drink)

10 - Thumb rule (The person who draws this card will put their thumb on the table. Everyone else must put their thumb on the table as well. Last person to put their thumb on the table drinks)

Jack - Social (Everone drinks)

Queen - Beer Bitch (This person must refill everyone's drinks)

King - Rules (The person who draws this card can make up any rule they want. Anyone who violates this rule must drink. Ex: can't say drink, drunk, or drank)

Four Horseman E-mail
Game Name: Four Horseman
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: West Palm Beach, FL
Drunk Level: Getting Started, BuzzedCool,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced  

 Take out the kings, deal 7 cards to each player, set deck in middle of table, place each king next to the deck on seperate sides, starting with the player left of the dealer you play a queen of appropriate suit and pass out 2 drinks one for the king one for the queen, if you cant make a connection you draw from the deck and drink until you are told to stop from the player to your left, you must play a card if you can and no gaps are allowed, first person out is the winner

War E-mail
Game Name: War
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting Started, BuzzedCool,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced

War is simple and doesn't have many rules, making it a good one for drunk people.

Someone is designated the dealer, and gives everyone 3 cards.

They then start drawing a card and alternating between 'drink one' and 'give one' as they draw a card.

If someone has a card that the dealer has drawn, and the dealer has said 'drink one', they must either take a sip of their drink or a shot, depending on what everyone's drinking.

If someone has a card that the dealer has drawn, and the dealer has said 'give one', they can tell one person of their choosing to drink.


If your crew are better drinkers, you can speed things up by going 'drink one', 'give one', 'drink two', 'give two', 'drink three', and so on. Pick a number of drinks at the start of the game and go 1 - 3 (for example), and then restart the order after 'give three'. Makes losing extra painful!

Ring of Fire E-mail
Game Name: Ring of Fire
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting Started, BuzzedTongue out,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced  



The game begins with a deck of cards face down in a ring formation. Clockwise around the ring each player takes it in turn to flip a card face up and places in the middle of the ring. All cards 2-Ace represent a different game so it's really 13 games in 1.

When a player turns a.....

2- MAKE A RULE (this rule is carried out until the end of the

3- PROPOSE A TOAST (the card turner proposes a toast to whatever he/she like but all players must consume some drink after the toast as a sign of respect)

4- 4 FINGERS (whoever turns the card has the power to deligate upto 4 fingers of drink to ANY player. They may give them all to one player or divide them up to a maximum of 4 players)

5- KING OF THE RING (the king of the ring has the power to make anyone drink whatever he/she likes whenever he/she wants until a new king is elected)

6- LADIES DRINK (all female players consume 2 fingers of drink)

7- CATEGORIES (the card turner selects a category e.g brands of clothing, golfers names, London football clubs etc and one at a time players give an answer until either someone can't think of one or their answer isn't correct. They then consume minimum fine of 2 fingers)

8- GENTS DRINK (all male players consume 2 fingers of drink)

9- BUSTA RHYME (the card turner says a word and players must give a word that rhymes with the original e.g lick, sick, prick, kick etc until either someone can't think of one or their answer isn't correct. They then consume minimum fine of 2 fingers)

10- SNAP (the last person to put their hand on top of the upturned 10 card must drink the minimum fine of 2 fingers)

Jack- THUMBMASTER (thumbmaster can place his thumb on the edge of the table whenever they like and the last person to do so consumes minimum fine of 2 fingers)

Queen- QUESTIONMASTER (questionmaster can ask people questions whenever they like and if any other player answers a question they must consume minimum fine of 2 fingers)

King- EYEMASTER (the eyemaster tries to catch the eye of any other player. A player caught looking directly into the eye of the eyemaster must consume a minimum fine of 2 fingers)

Ace- 21s (a game of 21s proceeds starting with the card turner)

After a player turns a card the next person in the ring takes their turn.

The 'power cards' (5, Jack, Queen, King) remain with the player who turned them until the next time the card is turned. So a player who turns a Queen will be questionmaster until the next time a Queen is turned.

If at any point during the ring (the game) a disagreement occurs between players (e.g is a word legible in BUSTA RHYME or who was the last person to put their thumb down during THUMBMASTER, a 'Council' will decide the outcome. Anyone can call Council at any time and a majority vote (shown by placing a clenched fist in the middle of the table) is final. All players at the table are involved in the council.

The standard minimum drinking fine is 2 fingers but can be adapted to the drink involved e.g a fine of 4 fingers for lager may be adapted to only 2 fingers for wine.

Black Jack - Party Style E-mail
Game Name: Black Jack - Party Style
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting StartedTongue out, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced

You deal cards out like blackjack. Each player plays their hand, using same rules as blackjack. Each time you bust, you drink. If the dealer busts, he or she drinks. 

- If the player busts or gets beaten by the dealer, they have to drink two.

-If the dealer gets a blackjack, everyone at the table drinks three. (if a player has a blackjack they don't drink).

-If player gets blackjack, dealer drinks ten. (Two blackjacks or more = finish your drink)

-Ifplayer doubles down/splits, they are betting four drinks. IF they win dealer must drink accordingly. If they lose they drink accordingly.

-If dealer gets blackjack with spades...community waterfall (you don't stop drinking til the person to your right does.), starting with the dealer.

Go Fish E-mail
Game Name: Go Fish
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Drunk Level: Getting StartedTongue out, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced

Deal the game as you normally would. Anytime you ask for a card
and are told to "go fish," you drink once. Everytime you have to give a
card to another player, you drink twice, three times for face cards and aces.
Everytime time you lay down a pair, your opponent(s) drink twice.
It's that simple.

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Red & Black E-mail
Game Name: Red & Black
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Drunk Level: Getting StartedTongue out, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced

One player goes first. Using mental telepathy, s/he
tries to predict the color of the card about to be turned over.
If correct, s/he continues; if incorrect - drink.

If correct three times in a row, the player can make a rule
concerning procedure for the game. Interesting rules are:

"Can't say red"
"Can't say black"
"Tap head before drinking"

As always, be creative.

Of course, if some is caught "violating" a rule, s/he drinks.
But be sure not to break the rules while enforcing them.

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Beer Blow E-mail
Game Name: Beer Blow
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards & Empty Bottle
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

Another very simple game (the best kind) with a high
buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, deck of cards, empty bottle.
    The deck of cards is placed on the empty bottle. Each player blows
cards off the deck on the bottle in turn. The one who blows the last card
off the bottle has to drink one glass of beer.
    Variation: If somebody spots an ace among the cards a player blew
off - that player has to drink once. So if someone blows down a bunch of
cards and two aces are visible that person would drink twice.

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Race to 99 E-mail
Game Name: Race to 99
Needed Tools: Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

An interesting card game involving that "new" math. Mid level
buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards.

The object of the game is to play cards into a pile and have the
value of the pile equal 99. You start off by dealing four cards to each
player, then turn the top card over. Play goes around the circle with
each person playing a card, mentally keeping track of total value of
the pile.

     Special cards:

        King - Kept to avoid drinking or place drinking responsibilities on
               Someone else, usually used near end of game.
        Four - used as a skip card when you have none to play, can also be
               used to skip drinking responsibilities goes.
        Tens - When in the 90's, this drops the value of pile by 10,
               otherwise its a regular card.

     Socials occur whenever the total equals a number ending in 9. Special
     socials on 69 and 71. On special you must drink twice.

Whoever gets hit with 99 must drink 1/2 glass.

After you play a card, draw another from the stack. When out of cards,
reshuffle those already played.

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Brain Damage E-mail
Game Name: Brain Damage
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

 A fantastic game. Undoubtedly when you first explain this game,
people give blank stares and are confused, but after a quick round, everyone
usually gets the hang of things. You'll need a deck of cards with all 8s, 9s
and the red 10 tens removed, people, and the ever-important beer. The buzz
factor starts out low, but with lots of people, dealing last can be dangerous
at best.
The ranks of the cards are:
Face cards .5 points
Aces 1.0 point
2-7 face value
10s wild
The game is played just like BlackJack but to 7.5 points.
First, lay out all cards face down, everyone "cuts for deal". 
Highest card deals first (10 would be 7.5, 7 is very good).  Deal will go
from highest draw to lowest.  Very important:  you cannot leave the game
until after you have dealt. That's why dealing first is great, dealing last
has been known to result in "Brain Damage."
Dealer takes deck, deals one card face down to first player, one card
face down to self.  Player looks at card, then bets any amount of beer, a large
shot glass is usually a good limit.
Player keeps first card face down, and can take as many hits as he
wants. If he goes over 7.5, he must announce that fact, and then drink the
bet. If not, when he stops, dealer turns over his card, and then hits until
he thinks he has the player beat. If dealer busts, he drinks the bet.
When the dealer is satisfied with his hand, the player turns over his
card. Lower total drinks.  Ties mean player drinks.  The dealer then goes to
the next player, repeating the process until the deck is exhausted.
If the player gets a "five card charlie" (5 cards, not busted), he wins
immediately, dealer cannot draw, dealer loses even with a 10 in hand. If player
draws to 7.5, dealer can of course try to tie (win). 
If the dealer begins dealing begins with six or less cards, the penalty
is to deal again.  WIth six or less cards, dealer lays them face down, the
player bets, they both draw a card, loser drinks (tie == player drinks)
Play continues until everyone has dealt. 

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Dictator E-mail
Game Name: Dictator
Needed Tools: Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

Begin play by have all players draw a card. The player with the
highest card is the dictator. The dictator then announces some card-based
condition(s) and deals out as many cards as he likes (try to keep it less
than 5 per player). For every card a player has that meets the announced
conditions, they take a drink. The dictator is also dealt a hand of cards,
except giving, rather than taking drinks. After dealing, the dictatorship
passes to the left.
Easy conditions are: all odd cards, all red cards, etc (as always,
be creative). Conditions can be combined. For example: if the conditions are
all red cards drink once, all even cards drink once, and all aces drink twice,
then a player with the ace of hearts would drink four times (face cards are
Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13, and Ace=14).
Variation:  The dictator can use other non-card based conditions
as they want. This is the reason and rationale of being dictator, to change
the rules as you please and keep the game interesting. 

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Indian Poker E-mail
Game Name: Indian Poker
Needed Tools: Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

Each player is dealt one card that they can not look at. They must
place the card on their foreheads so that everyone else can see the cards. 
That means you can see everyone card but your own.

        Dealer begins by betting that he has the highest card by saying how
many drinks he wishes to bet.  Players who don't think they can win fold and
take as many drinks from their beer that the current bet is at.  The player
who ends up losing with the lowest card  with the lowest card must drink
the total of the bets.

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Thirty One E-mail
Game Name: Thirty One
Needed Tools: Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

The game follows the same premise as BlackJack, but with
some important variations.
The object of the game is to get as close to 31 points in
your hand without going over. Aces are 11, all face cards are 10
points, and all other cards are face value.
Each player is dealt three cards, two face-down, and one
face-up. The play rotates, like in BlackJack, for additional cards. At any
point in the game, if you think you have a high hand, 28 points or so, you
can "knock," which means everyone else has one last draw to add to their
hand. After everyone plays their last card, the hands are laid down and
the person with the lowest point total has to drink an entire beer before
they lose again in an ensuing hand. If the person who knocked has the
lowest point total, that player must also drink an additional penalty
beer for poor play.
If someone does not finish their beer before losing again, they
must drink yet another penalty beer. Finally, anytime someone has a total
of 31 in their hand, they immediately place their cards down and EVERYONE
else is a loser. Fast play can be a killer.

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Trapped E-mail
Game Name: Trapped
Needed Tools: Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

 The deal alternates clockwise. All of the cards are dealt out face
down to each player. The players should make sure to keep their hand hidden
from the other players.
Play begins with the player seated clockwise from the dealer. That
player lays down any card he/she wishes. The next players (clockwise)
need to lay down the same face value card (1 per player) as the previous
When the play gets to someone who does not have a card of the same
face value, that player becomes 'trapped' and must take a drink. The next
player may then play any card. If the 'trapped' player doesn't have that card
they remain trapped, and must take another drink. Then plays shifts back to
the other player adjacent to the trapped player. This person then plays any
card. This goes back and forth until the 'trapped' player becomes untrapped by
playing the same face value card as one of the adjacent players.
Play continues until a player plays their last card. Once this
happens, the rest of the players must count their remaining cards and take
that many drinks.

Courtesy of: Nic.funet.fi

Suicide E-mail
Game Name: Suicide
Needed Tools: Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

 The dealer shuffles. Each card in the deck is worth a respective amount of "drinks" or swallows of beer. The 2 is worth two drinks up to the 10 being worth 10 drinks. The jack is 11, queen is 12, king is 13 and ace is 14. The player being dealt to then calls out suit. The dealer starts turning over cards until he flips one with the same suit as the player called. The player then drinks the number of drinks represented by that card. Then play moves to the next idiot. Now doesn't that sound like fun? Play continues until people are messing themselves or can no longer call a suit out to play.

Up & Down the River E-mail
Game Name: Up & Down the River
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

Deal 4 cards to everyone face up. The dealer takes one card from the remaining cards and says "take one". Anyone who has that card drinks once. If you have two of that card you drink double, three...triple, etc. The dealer flips the next card and says "take two" same as before only its 2 drinks for each card you have that matches. After that it goes take 3 then take 4. It then is give four, give three, give two, and give one. Then start the sequence over until you run out of cards.

Bullshit E-mail
Game Name: Bullshit
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting StartedTongue out, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced

Bullshit should have 3 to 6 players.  All players will sit in a circle, the dealer will dea out the entire deck to all players.  The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Starting with aces, the first player lays down the number of aces they have, stating the number of cards. If ou want to win you are going to have to be a good bluffer.  If you don't have the card and think you can get away with it lie.

If someone thinks that you are lying, they say "Bullshit!" If that person is right, you drink an amount proportional to the number of cards in the stack; lots of cards already played = lots of drinks. However, if you were honest in your play and someone says "Bullshit!" that person ends up drinking the prescribed amount.

Play starts with aces, then goes on accordingly, through kings, then repeats back to aces.

If you are caught bullshitting or falsely accuse someone of bullshitting you must drink the amoutn proportional to the number of cards in the stack!!!

Continue playing until someone runs out of cards.

Drunk Driver E-mail
Game Name: Drunk Driver
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Drunk Level: Getting Started, BuzzedWink,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced
Pick as many cards as you have players. Pick one ace & one king and mix in the deck before you deal one card to each player. Players need to memorize their card. The player with the ace is the drug dealer and the player with the king is the cop.

The drug dealer must wink at the other players. Any player who sees the wink must then say "The deal is done." It is up to the cop to determine who the dealer is. For each wrong guess, the cop must drink for 10 seconds. Players may bluff and pretend they saw the wink even if they haven't which makes it a lot more fun.

This is fun with large groups of people because it is harder for the cop to guess. However, if the cop sees the wink, the dealer must drink for 10 seconds.

High Low E-mail
Game Name: High Low
Needed Tools: One Deck of Cards & A Lot of Luck
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced


Any number of people can play High Low but only two participate at a time, one dealer and one player. The dealer turns over the top card of the deck to start. The player must then guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the face-up card.

Each card is turned up and is placed in a used pile. If the player is correct 5 times in a row it becomes their turn to deal the cards and the dealer becomes the next victim with the used pile remaining. If the player gets less than 5 right answers in a row right they must take as many drinks as the card values in the used pile add up to upon guessing a wrong answer. Once a wrong answer is given the used pile is cleared and the player starts over.  If after guessing the card it is a match the player skips the card and can give the amount of the card in drinks to other participants.  The object of the game is to get 5 in a row and pass to the next player unless you are really trying to get Hammered.

Pyramid (F*** You Drink) E-mail
Game Name: Pyramid (F***You Drink)
Needed Tools: 1 Deck of Cards
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced Cry

You can play this game with up to 6 players.  You must select a dealer that you trust not to cheat as they will have the "counting" control.  The dealer will place 15 cards face down in a pyramid.

Row 1 = 1 Card, Row 2 = 2 Cards, Row 3 = 3 Cards, Row 4 = 4 Cards, & Row 5 = 5 Cards.

The dealer will then select a player to randomly turn any 5 of the cards sideways in any row.  (You'll learn why in a minute) The dealer will then deal the remaining cards to all players starting with the dealer first and moving to the right.  The dealer will flip the first card in row 1 and count 1-2-3 dead.  All players must participate simultaneously as there are no turns..  All players must throw a matching card of any suit on top of the fliped card and say "Fuck You (Insert Name Here) drink BEFORE the dealer says DEAD, the dealer will then continue to count 1-2-3-Dead until he/she reaches dead on that card. (Obviously there are 4 of every suit in the deck so you don't know if someone else has the card or it's in the Pryamid until the dealer reaches Dead0  The only person who has to drink is the one who was called LAST on each card.  The dealer then will repeat the process moving down each row from left to right until all cards are exhausted.  Now the important part: How much to drink?  The "count" is determined by the table below.  The final caller on that card GIVING the drink must count to that number as sloowwww or as fast as they like.  The person called must drink until the caller reaches the prescribed drinking "count"

Row 1:   Amount of Cards x 1    

Row 2:  Amount of Cards x 2    

Row 3: Amount of Cards x 3 

Row 4: Amount of Cards x 4

Row 5: Amount of Cards x 5

 Please remember that the side ways cards are DOUBLE...  

So to do the math Row 3 with 3 cards would be a 9 count.  Sideways would be an 18 count.

If you run out of cards you are exempt from drinking for the remainder of the game.


You may participate more than once on a card if you have muliple cards of that value... It is usually in your best insterest to draw the other players to throw so you are the last to place before the dealer reaches dead...

Kings E-mail
Game Name: Kings
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards & Pitcher
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , Hammered, Shit Faced Cry


Place a deck of cards face down around a large cup or pitcher in the center of the table.  The players go around the table and draw a card.  Here is the breakdown of the cards.

Ace - Social (everyone drinks)

2-5 - Take that many drinks (you drink)

6-9 - Give that many drinks (give the hot girl the drink or whoever)

10 - To the left one drink

Jack - Categories - the person who picks the card thinks of a topic like a porn movie. Then that person names a porn movie. Everybody follows suit and the person who messes up drinks 3 drinks.

Queen - Question - Look at a specific player and ask a question.  That player must look at another player and ask a question.  You keep going until someone laughs, pauses, or answers the question.  Tip: Ask something outrageous to throw the next player and make them drink.

King - Kings as the game is named are special, the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd king picked pours their beer or drink in the pitcher  & makes a rule, when the 4th king is picked that person has to drink whatever is in the pitcher BEFORE you begin the next game. 


Asshole E-mail
Game Name: Asshole
Needed Tools: Deck of Cards
Learned: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Drunk Level: Getting Started, Buzzed,Drunk , HammeredEmbarassed, Shit Faced

The first hand dealt determines the "Presidential Order"  The initial dealer is picked by who is youngest.  The dealer will then deal out all cards. The person to the left of the dealer plays first The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards first.  To start the game you can lay down any card or cards with the same face value. The person following you must lay down a card of equal or greater value. They must also use the same amount of cards as you did (Doubles on Singles on Singles, Doubles on Doubles, Triples on Triples). If you lay down doubles (two cards of the same value) then they would have to lay down two of something equal or greater. If the player lays down the same card as the previous player then the next player is skipped and must drink. Also if you can't play any of your cards then you must skip and drink. The cards are cleared if a 2 is played or if noone can "beat" the last card.  When the cards are cleared the player can start with any card of their choosing.  If a 4 is played it is a social and all players must drink.

Play continues until all cards have been played.   After the first hand we begin the "Presidential Orde" wich is a ranking system which is as follows: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Senators, Vice Asshole, Asshole. Whoever goes out first becomes the new President for the next game, the second person becomes the Vice-President, and so on.  For the following rounds.  The best part of the games is that anyone who ranks higher than you can make you drink at any point.

Administrative Mandates:
The Asshole (Last Person Out) must always deal and clear the cards. Also the Asshole must give the two best cards in their hand to the President. The President gives the two worst cards in their hand to the Asshole.  The Vice Asshole (Next to Last Person Out) must give their best card to the Vice President.  The Vice President gives the Vice Asshole their worst card. 

If the President remains in office for 3 terms (games) they can create a rule of their choosing.

Card Values in order lowest to highest: 3,4 (Social),5,6,7,8,9,10,Jack,Queen,King, Ace, 2 (Clearing Card)

left unten right unten